This post comes courtesy of the site Rap Genius. It’s an excerpt from the first chapter of my 33 1/3 book Michael Jackson’s Dangerous, which will be published in September. Come back and leave your comments here!


About Susan Fast

I'm a musicologist who writes about pop music and teaches at McMaster University. My book on Michael Jackson's *Dangerous* will be published as part of Bloomsbury Press' 33 1/3 Series in September 2014. I'm author of the book *In the Houses of the Holy: Led Zeppelin and the Power of Rock Music* (Oxford, 2001), a collection of essays that explores musical performance, gender and sexuality, cultural appropriation, and ritual/mythology in rock music. I've also written on Live Aid and cultural memory, authenticity in U2, performance and new technology, Tina Turner’s gendered and racialized identity in the 1960’s, feminism and rock criticism, gendered and racialized issues surrounding back-up singing, and on the mass-mediated benefit concerts that appeared after the attacks of 9/11. My current research project investigates issues related to gender, race and genre boundaries in rock music, and includes case studies on the vibrant scene of all-female tribute bands to hard rock and heavy metal. Photo Credit: Liss Platt
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