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Academic Writing About Popular Music

Academics writing on subjects that are of interest to a non-academic audience–like popular music–often struggle with how to make complex ideas accessible to those who care most about the artists and music we write about.  We are incredibly privileged to … Continue reading

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Dangerous Talk With Susan Fast

Dancing With the Elephant is a blog site devoted to dialogues about Michael Jackson’s art.  Here’s a new conversation about my forthcoming book on Dangerous with Willa Stillwater.

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This post comes courtesy of the site Rap Genius. It’s an excerpt from the first chapter of my 33 1/3 book Michael Jackson’s Dangerous, which will be published in September. Come back and leave your comments here! Read “Noise” by … Continue reading

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mj in memoriam: five years

Starting a blog devoted to writing about music on the fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death seems right. And although I intend “high frequencies” to signify broadly, and although I hope to write about many things (with no particular frequency!), … Continue reading

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